Subscribing to the Class Discussion List
at Yahoo!

These instructions assume that you do not already have an account at Yahoo!.  Print these instructions and follow them carefully to avoid complications.

(If you already have an account with Yahoo!, you are probably already familiar enough with Yahoo! to be able to follow the instructions that Yahoo! provides.  You may not have to complete some of these steps and the sequence of steps may differ.)

Go to the syllabus for your class.

Enter your email address in the subscription box located about half way through the syllabus.

Click on the "Join Now" button.

A "Confirmation Message Sent" page will open at the Yahoo! site, telling you that you will be sent a confirmation message at the email address you entered in the subscription box on the syllabus.  (This and all other messages sent to your email address from Yahoo! can take anywhere from a couple of seconds to a couple of minutes depending on a variety of factors, so exercise patience.  It is quite rare for it to take more than five minutes.)

Open your email and respond by clicking on the URL (not your email address) provided in that message.

This will take you to a "Request to join ..." page at the Yahoo! site where you will be provided some information and will select your membership option.

Select full membership status, if necessary, by clicking the "Join the group" option.  It should be the default option, so you probably will not have to click it.  DO NOT select the "Join the mailing list" option. 

Click the "Continue" button.

The "Welcome to Yahoo! Groups" page will open.  Click on the "Sign up now ..." link.

The "Sign up now for your Yahoo! ID" page will open.  Enter the information requested, and click on "Submit This Form".  Please try to use your first and last name for your ID.

If you are told that someone else already has the Yahoo! ID you chose, add the letters TCC immediately after the ID.  You could add something else, but this should do the job unless you have a very common name.

The "Registration Completed ..." page will open, and will tell you to go to your email account, open a new message, and follow the instructions.

Open your email account, and open the message with the "Subject:" line "Welcome to Yahoo!  Please Activate Your Account".   Click on the "Important! Click here..." link.

Enter your password and click on "Verify".

Complete the "Join This Group" form.

Under "Message Delivery" select the "Individual emails" option.  It should be the default option, so you probably will not have to click it.  DO NOT select any of the other options.

Click the "Join" button.

I will have to approve your membership.  This may take minutes, hours, or even days depending on how actively I am monitoring the subscriptions at that time.  Until then, you can go to the home page, and read any current messages to the group.

You will receive three "Welcome" messages when I approve your membership.

You can then send messages to the class discussion list, receive messages from the class discussion list, vote in the chat times poll if it is still open, view the archived messages, etc.