Unsuccessful Exam Effort
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Exam #:

Class:  (Psych3K / DevPsych3K) (16-week / First 8-week / Second 8-week)

I started, or attempted to start, the exam at           am/pm  on

The problem happened, or became apparent to me, at         am/pm  on

What happened that interfered with your attempt to complete the exam successfully?  (Describe in as much detail as you are able to provide.)

If you think you know the cause of the problem, please specify:

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Make it easy on yourself.  Copy and paste everything above the line into the body of an email message.  Fill in the information to the best of your ability.  Delete what is not needed for Class, Connection, and times.  Cut and paste the title into the "Subject:" line.  Send to the class address, with a CC to the backup address.