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Psych Psytes

Last Update: March 9, 2008

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My home page:  http://www.tulsa.oklahoma.net/~jnichols/home.html

My email addresses:  Psych3K8.2@inbox.com   (CC:  JNichols@Oklahoma.Net)

MegaPsych:  http://www.tulsa.oklahoma.net/~jnichols/megapsych.html

Course syllabus:   http://www.tulsa.oklahoma.net/~jnichols/Psy3KSyllabus_2nd8wk.html

Publisher's Textbook Site:   http://www.AtomicDog.com

Instructions To Register at AtomicDog: 

Learning Objectives:  http://www.tulsa.oklahoma.net/~jnichols/LearningObjectives.html

Online Course Orientation:  http://www.tulsa.oklahoma.net/~jnichols/Psych3K_2nd8wkOrientation.html

Rules of the Internet Courses:  http://www.tulsa.oklahoma.net/~jnichols/EddyCutt.html

Psych3K8-2 Assignments:   http://www.tulsa.oklahoma.net/~jnichols/Assignments_2nd8wk.html
(Do NOT attempt to access informational sites for assignments from within BB.  Go directly to this page at my site and access the sites from there.)

Assignment Checklist:  http://www.tulsa.oklahoma.net/~jnichols/AssignmentsChecklist.html

Class Chat Times Survey: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Psych3K8-2/surveys?id=12730340
(You must have completed your subscription to the class discussion list on Yahoo! before  voting.  The polls are now closed.  Voting  began Wednesday, March 5,  and ended Midnight, Saturday night, March 8.)

Psych3K8-2 Chat Room:   Go to BlackBoard, enter this class, click on the "Class Chat Room" button, look for "Lecture Hall"/"Virtual Classroom", click on the "Join" button on that line.
(If you can join us at 7:00 pm on Mondays, do so.  If not, at least check the Transcript each week to see what you missed.)

Chat Transcripts:  Go to BlackBoard, enter this class, click on the "Class Chat Room" button, look for "Lecture Hall"/"Virtual Classroom", click on the "Recordings" button on that line, click on the archived transcript you wish to view.  It will likely be an underlined date below "Recording Name".

Psych3K8-2 Discussion List:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/psych3k8-2

To post to Psych3K8-2 Discussion List: psych3k8-2@yahoogroups.com

TCC Email Site:  https://portal.tulsacc.edu  or (to avoid being timed out quickly)   http://mail.tulsacc.edu

BlackBoard Orientation:  http://www.tulsa.cc.ok.us/dl/new_orientation.htm
(If this is your first Internet course, be sure to complete the orientation.  Actually, with the changes with our new server and new version of BlackBoard, it would be a good idea for even experienced students to repeat the orientation.)

Access BlackBoard:  https://bb.tulsacc.edu

Course Checklist:  http://www.tulsa.oklahoma.net/~jnichols/Psych3KChecklist_2nd8wk.html

Online Testing:   http://www.tulsa.oklahoma.net/~jnichols/OnlineTesting.html

Unsuccessful Exam Effort: http://www.tulsa.oklahoma.net/~jnichols/UnsuccessfulExamEffort.html

This Page:  http://www.tulsa.oklahoma.net/~jnichols/PsychPsytes_2nd8wk.html

John W. Nichols, M.A.

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