Psych3K (Second 8-week) Course Checklist

Updated 3/2/2008

Links for these tasks are on the Psych Psytes page for this class and are shown below.

Suggestion:  Print this page and check off the tasks as you accomplish them.  You may not be able to do these tasks in this exact order.

r    Send me an email message indicating that you have enrolled in this class. Send to the proper addresses for your class (see the syllabus, and do not forget to CC a copy to the address), and from your MyTCC email address.  Use the "Subject:" line "1st Contact.

r Read the syllabus carefully.

r "Attend" the online orientation.

r    Carefully read the "Rules" page.  Especially, make sure you use your MyTCC email address for all class activity.

r Subscribe to Psych3K8-2 (the class discussion list at Yahoo!) using your MyTCC email addresss.  Use the box on the syllabus.

r Vote for the class chat times when the voting has begun.  Vote only once for the record, but you can change your vote if necessary.  You can also monitor the voting as often as you like by clicking on the "View Results" button.  The first chat session will be held the following winning day and time.

r    Register at AtomicDog.  Be sure you are reqistered in the correct class ( 2nd 8-week).   This is where you will take your quizzes and have access to the online version of the textbook.

r Go to BlackBoard.  For now, just confirm that everything appears to be correct.  This is where your grades will be posted, the class discussion board is located, and we will use BB's "Virtual Classroom" for class chats.

r Carefully read the "Online Orientation" page.  There are likely to be some surprises reveales.

r Carefully read the "Online Testing" page.  There are some special rules that apply because of the online testing procedures.

r    Take a quick tour of all of the class pages listed on the Psych Psytes page.  Get familiar with all the pages you will be using.

r    Take the "Know Thy Course" test.  Repeat as necessary until you meet the criterion for success.
r    REQUIRED:  Send an email message to me at the proper address for your class (see the syllabus, and do not forget to CC a copy to the address) indicating that you have completed all of the tasks shown on this page as of this date  (excluding, if necessary, the voting for class chat times).  Use the Subject line: Checklist Tasks (today's date).  Do not send this message instead of the individual messages called for send it in addition to those messages.


Quick Links to pages for Psych3K8 (Second 8-week Session)

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Online Testing
 Online Orientation
 Nichols' Home
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