Practice Quiz 2

1. According to Skinner, by "dignity" we mean
    a. self-respect
    b. growing old gracefully
    c. giving people credit for what they do
    d. making sure that everyone is respected

2. Which of the following is an operantly conditioned response?
    a. a dog's salivating when presented with food
    b. a baby's startle response when a loud sound is sounded
    c. a cat's hissing when confronted with a dog
    d. a baby's crying responses followed by the appearance of a parent with food in hand

3. Which of the following is an example of negative reinforcement?
    a. a child watches her bratty little brother, so she will not have to do her boring homework
    b. a child is given praise for having been gentle instead of aggressive with his little sister
    c. a man is presented with an award for outstanding service
    d. a women is shocked each time she lights up a cigarette

4. Rudy has learned from his mother that physical punishment is a way to control people. How does it show up in his behavior?
    a. he shows cruelty to animals
    b. he shows high risk taking behavior: he has been hurt several times doing dare-devil tricks on his bicycle
    c. he shows aggression at school
    d. he shows low self-esteem and self-hatred

5. What subtle lesson does Rudy learn when his mother hits him back harder when he hits her?
    a. parents are basically mean
    b. there is no justice
    c. he should be in a position to escape if he is planning to hit his mother
    d. one can get away with aggression if one is big and strong enough

6. Given the condition for threat of punishment to reliably deter criminal assault are met, what then becomes the problem?
    a. no problem: our judicial system can now meet these conditions
    b. it is never possible to meet any of these conditions
    c. these conditions have actually been met by our system and we now know that they do not work to deter aggression
    d. meeting these conditions would threaten our democratic system

7. Which of the following support the claim that Skinner is now more important that Freud?
    a. citations in the psychological literature
    b. the all-time list of contributors compiled by historians of psychology
    c. a survey by Time magazine
    d. his ideas appear in many different kinds of psychology tests

8. That Skinner provided different species of lab animals different devices to manipulate indicates that
    a. he was creative
    b. he was flexible
    c. he recognized that species differ
    d. he acknowledged that using a variety of ways to condition animals would improve the generality of his findings

9. Which of the following is a condition that must be met if threat of punishment is to deter future aggression?
    a. the threatened punished must not be severe
    b. there must be a long time between the to-be-punished act and the actual punishment
    c. the threatened person must not be very angry
    d. the threatened person must have little to gain from future aggression

10. Whose ideas have more different fields of psychology?
    a. Skinner
    b. Adler
    c. Jung
    d. Eysenck

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