Rotter Quiz 1

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1 Rotter believes
people gripped by the forces of a powerful situation show a general trend in behavior
people gripped by the forces of powerful internal factors show a general trend in behavior
most people are controlled by external factors
most people are controlled by their unconscious processes

2 A psychological situation is
the physical circumstance in which the person behaves
characterized in a way peculiar to a person, allowing her to categorize it with or differentiate it from other situations
social circumstance in which the person must decide how to behave vis a vis other persons in the setting
the social circumstance of the person's behavior

3 To Rotter, situations are 
more physical than psychological
more social than psychological
in the eye of the beholder
without an analog in the psychological realm

4 According to Rotter, expectancy is
the probability held by a person that a particular reinforcement will occur as a function of a specific behavior in a specific situation
the likelihood that whatever one does will result in a reinforcement, provided only that she or he is attentive to magnitude and value of the reinforcement
looking ahead
eyes on the top of the head

5 When are generalized expectancies likely to operate?
in most situations
in familiar situations
in new or ambiguous situations
in all situations

6 Internal control refers to
the perception that reinforcement is dependent on one's behavior or characteristics
the perception that reinforcement is dependent on luck, chance, fate, or powerful others
whether control is impossible, probable, or highly likely
whether the possibilities for control are stable, internal, and global, or unstable, external, and specific

7 Rotter specifically points out that external and internal locus of control are NOT equivalent to
classical conditioning orientations
instrumental conditioning orientations
levels of consciousness

8 All except one of the following are alternatives for items on the I-E scale. Which is NOT an alternative on the scale?
I'm a pretty confident person. I can make things happen.
I live my life one day at a time.
My voice is heard above the crowd.
I'm pretty much indifferent.

9 Who is most likely to abuse substances?
internals or externals, depending on gender
internals, but a firm conclusion awaits an I-E measure specifically referring to alcohol use situations

10 All except one of the following are true of the relationship between locus of control and divorce. Which is NOT true of that relationship?
married people are more internal than either single of divorced people
internals showed less post-divorce distress than externals
people who are internal for marital satisfaction are more active and direct in problem solving than externals
externals are less likely to have a divorce