Mischel and Rotter Quiz 1

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1 The interaction point of view holds that
the interaction of the parent and the child is critical to the child's development
the interplay of cognitive and emotional processes determine behavior
interactions with people's peers shape their social behavior
the interplay between internal entities or person factors and social situations should be emphasized

2 All of the following are results of studies designed to change externals, except one. Which is NOT a result of change-attempt studies?
teachers, after training they received, experienced greater professional advancement
the more origin the classroom environment, the greater was children's self-worth, cognitive competence, and mastery motivation
clients in therapy became more external
students became more internal after four half-hour sessions centering on "personal growth experiences"

3 Social desirability (SD)--the need to please others by displaying the characteristics that are valued in out society--is a problem for Rotter, because
externals are more prone to SD than internals
internals are more prone to SD than externals
in so far as SD contaminates the I-E Scale, it may measure response distortion rather than a personality factor
his research have been especially prone to SD because he tells subjects which end of the scale is the "good" end

4 Defensive externals
believe that they are controlled by fate or luck
are competitive, do well on tests, and endorse external items, but only to blame others for their failures
are no problem for Rotter's theory, because they are alienated, but fight it by being highly competitive
are really the only kind of external because passive externals are so rare they are practically non-existent

5 Mischel reflected on the observation that people perceive cross-situational consistency in their own and other people's behavior
but scientific observations do not support consistency
and they are basically perceiving correctly
but they are incorrect in regard to other's people behavior
but they are incorrect in regard to their own behavior

6 Why are we, in Western Society, obsessed with "consistency"?
the reasons are buried in the past
there is a brain mechanism in people of European heritage that dictates consistency
consistency means such valued characteristics as "being reliable"
it is a habit we learn as children in order to stay out of trouble

7 "Discriminative facility" is
sensitivity to subtle cues of a situation that affect behavior
negatively correlated with social intelligence
common among very young children
unrelated to being good at "if...then" relations

8 Which of the following relates to a charge of "racist" seemingly hurled at "all whites"?
you can teach old dogs new tricks which they can't unlearn
what comes around goes around
throw a stone into a pack of dogs and the one that yelps is the one that was hit
what will be will be

9 Which, according to Allen, is Mischel's greatest contribution?
demonstrating that therapy does not work
showing that behavior is temporally consistent
arguing that it takes at least 100 traits to account for personality
showing that there is consistency in the pattern of behaviors a person displays across situations

10 As to behavioral consistency, it follows from Rotter's view that
there is no observable behavioral consistency
a person may show some consistency across situations he/she sees as highly similar
some people are very consistent, while others are very inconsistent
consistency is in the "eye of the beholder"