Mischel Quiz 1

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1 In Mischel's 1968 book Personality Assessment, he brought forth what famous thesis?
a. cognitive factors are important to understanding human social behavior
functional autonomy
cross-situational behavioral consistency, the basic notion underlying traits, is suspect

2 Mischel's "personality system"
is a series of closely interconnected traits
is characterized by available cognitive and affective units
is a collection of points along behavioral
is a social unit composed of all the important interpersonal relationships a person has experienced

3 For Mischel, expectancy is
a belief based on past experience that provides a prediction of future outcomes
the probability held by the person that reinforcement will occur as a function of a behavior in a specific situation
anticipation of future reinforcement values
the hopes one has regarding the likelihood of reinforcement in the future

4 Which of the following shows the importance of values of outcomes?
people react more rapidly to obtain valued outcomes
people react more intensely to obtain valued outcomes
some clients will value the therapist's approval and some won't
almost all party-goers will value the outcomes associated with small talk at a party

5 Self-regulatory plans are
plans to regulate behavior to the satisfaction of others
rules established in advance of behavioral performance that guide determining what behavior would be appropriate under particular conditions
rules that determine whether it will be profitable to behave in a specific ways in the presence of particular persons
a special form of expectancy

6 All of the following except one are among the strategies that children adopt to delay gratification. Which is NOT one of their strategies?
children attempt to bargain with other children present for a more desirable object as a means of delaying "consumption" of the object that they currently possess
covering up the preferred objects (M&Ms) or leaving them in the open
thinking of the preferred object abstractly (M&Ms are buttons not "yummy") or concretely
thinking of the task at hand or the future enjoyability of the preferred object

7 What adolescent personality factors did Mischel and colleagues find were related to particular coping-with-delay strategies used by children?
ability to implement social skills under appropriate circumstances
popularity among peers
degree a child is sidetracked by minor set-backs

8 How did Shoda, Mischel and Wright (1989) show that people are interactionists?
subjects were asked to choose the most plausible explanations of behavior from definitions of several such explanations
with situations specified, impressions were more accurate in predicting differences among children in over-all, actual aggression
when people are not allowed to use qualifiers or conditional statements they were better able to predict aggression in children
people were asked how another person typically behaves and then how that person behaves in a specific situation

9 All of the following are contributions of Mischel, except one. Which is not one of his contributions?
he had developed one of the most used personal attribute measures in psychology
he challenged the assumption of behavioral stability
he has successfully championed the interactionist point of view
he caused trait theorists to sharpen their definitions and hone their research procedures

10 Which, according to Allen, is a reason that Mischel will be remembered in the history of personality psychology? He showed
that personality tests predict behavior well
that delay of gratification is unrelated to most traits
that we can conceive of personality free of trait assumptions
that children are behaviorally more than we thought