Practice Quiz 2

1. What claim did Maslow make about his mother?
 a. she was the kindest person he ever knew
 b. she was the brightest person he ever knew
 c. she was cold and vicious
 d. she was a sickly person

2. All of the following are Gestalt laws of organization, except one. Which is NOT a Gestalt law?
 a. grouping similar objects together to form a whole
 b. figure and ground--face/vase--can be seen at the same time
 c. grouping proximal objects together
 d. incomplete objects are closed perceptually

3. Maslow thought that environments are
 a. critically important for understanding human behavior
 b. important mainly during childhood
 c. difficult or impossible to specify
 d. what we make of them

4. Safety needs are
 a. met only after esteem needs
 b. aroused in only a small minority of the world's people
 c. include the security that comes with having enough to eat and drink
 d. include security, protection, stability, law and order, and freedom from fear and chaos

5. The most typical reversal to the usual order of need satisfactions is (Maslow)
 a. security needs before physiological needs
 b. esteem needs before belongingness needs
 c. self-actualization needs before esteem needs
 d. esteem needs before physiological needs

6. An instinctoid is
 a. an object of Maslow's scorn
 b. the same thing as an instinct
 c. instinct-like
 d. like an instinct, but never biological

7. Meta-needs include
 a. esteem needs
 b. love and belongingness needs
 c. cognitive needs
 d. transcendental needs
8. All except one of the following are peak experiences, except one. Which is LEAST likely to qualify as a peak experience?
 a. a roller coaster ride
 b. space walk
 c. religious conversion
 d. making it to the top of Mount McKinley

9. All of the following, except one, are applications of Maslow's ideas. Which is NOT an application?
 a. management: recognition of employees' need satisfaction pursuits
 b. speech-pathologists: select a need to be the focus of a conference
 c. clergy: establishing the need level of congregation members
 d. self-actualization in athletes

10. Impoverished people operate at what need level on Maslow's hierarchy?
 a. self-esteem
 b. safety and security
 c. D-needs
 d. belongingness and love

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