Practice Quiz 2

1. The instinct "Thanatos" is associated with
 a. life
 b. death
 c. transcendence
 d. apperception

2. Freud's definition of anxiety includes
 a. a central reference to explicit sexuality
 b. a statement of relationship to fear
 c. a reference to unpleasant emotional discomfort
 d. a proposal for anxiety reduction

3. One of the superego's aspects or functions is equivalent to
 a. conscience
 b. the devil on one's shoulder
 c. rationality
 d. avoidance of addressing id needs

4. Which of the following types would tend to be sarcastic and argumentative?
 a. oral receptive
 b. anal retentive
 c. anal expulsive
 d. oral aggressive

5. Which of the following characterizes the girl during the Phallic stage?
 a. genital fixation
 b. penis envy
 c. castration anxiety
 d. basic distrust

6. What is the consequence of the girl's alleged greater difficulty in resolving her complex?
 a. a stronger superego than the boy
 b. less ego-strength, on average, than the boy
 c. failure to be sexually interested in anyone
 d. stronger identification with the mother

7. During the Genital stage
 a. boys long for a vagina
 b. girls give up their attraction to males, temporarily
 c. girls accept the lack of a penis and identify with the vagina
 d. boys give up their attraction to females, temporarily

8. All of the following are among MacMillan's reason's for Freud's continued popularity. Which is NOT reason?
 a. people are attracted to the irrational
 b. psychoanalysis deals with inherently interesting phenomena, such as sex and dreams
 c. people think that psychoanalysis is beyond criticism
 d. there is no empirical or experiential evidence to support for any form of the unconscious and identification

9. Anal-expulsive individuals
 a. are noted for their cleanliness
 b. retain things
 c. are devoted to "the rules"
 d. disregard rules of cleanliness

10. Which was true of Freud's American woman "patient"?
 a. she was retarded
 b. her boy friend was Irish
 c. she dreamed of stabbing herself
 d. her parents approved of her boy friend

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