Practice Quiz 1

1. The id is
 a. self-sacrificing
 b. beyond conscious awareness
 c. a unit that develops after age 3
 d. the third personality structure to develop

2. The superego is
 a. an arm of the id
 b. a mechanism for sexual gratification
 c. the representation of society in personality
 d. a storehouse of instincts

3. To Freud, sexual referred to
 a. stimulation of the genitals only
 b. sexual intercourse
 c. erotic interaction involving two people
 d. pleasurable feelings associated with stimulation of erogenous zones

4. At the Phallic stage, which question occupies the minds of children?
 a. Who does mommy favor?
 b. Are boys meaner?
 c. Why don't girls have penises?
 d. Why do mommy and daddy seem so different?

5. Projection
 a. makes threatening material unavailable for recall
 b. involves casting our unacceptable traits onto other people
 c. allows us to excuse unacceptable behavior
 d. produces behavior designed to reverse the effects of undesirable behavior

6. During the Genital stage
 a. children are sexually disinterested
 b. mature sexual love may occur
 c. children give up their fixations
 d. rejection of the opposite sex becomes likely

7. "False Memories"
 a. are, in the final analysis, unrelated to Freud's ideas
 b. are irrelevant to the psychotherapeutic context
 c. can be induced only by an event that is basically the same as a previous event
 d. are supported by a large body of research started by Elizabeth Loftus

8. Where does the boy child get his superego?
 a. from his mother
 b. from interactions with his peers
 c. from his interactions with all other people
 d. from his father

9. A poor theory, from a scientific point of view,
 a. is simple
 b. "explains" observations after they have occurred
 c. has too few concepts
 d. is subject to disconfirmation through research

10. With regard to his ideas, once he had decided on something, Freud
 a. was very open to criticism
 b. was very flexible regarding change
 c. clung to each of his notions with great tenacity
 d. refused to respond to criticisms regarding his ideas

Answer Keys