Web-Based Psychology Courses

John W. Nichols, M.A.

I am currently offering two web-based psychology courses: Introduction to Psychology (PSY1113) and Developmental Psychology (PSY2023) for Tulsa Community College ( through the TCC Distance Learning Office (  The Intro course is offered in both a 16-week and an 8-week format.  I may begin offering an 8-week version of the Developmental course in the near future.  I may also develop a web-based Social Psychology course in the next year.

Both courses, which I call Psych3K and DevPsych3K, are hosted on my own web site for a variety of reasons.  Both are also entirely web-based except for testing, which is done on TCC's Metro campus for security reasons.  Students who live more than 100 miles from Tulsa can set up special arrangements for taking tests locally.

For each class, the syllabus ( and and assignments ( and are accessed via web pages.  Each assignment has an Example & Hints page that provides details about the assignment.  Assignments are submitted via email.  I require that student email addresses use a UserID that matches the name that appears on the class roll, so I provide free email services that are web based. not to be confused with, which charges ( provides the email service.  In order to offer free email service with, you must have your own domain name.  ZapZoneNet ( allows you to offer free email service without having your own domain name you only have to have a web page.

I also require that students interact with each other, so I have set up a private email-based discussion list and a chat room for each class.  The discussion groups are provided by eGroups (, and the chat rooms are provided by TalkCity (  The days and times for the chat sessions are chosen by the students in each class.  I survey the class members using SurveySolutions Express (, a free web-based poll service.

You are welcome explore my courses (and any of my other pages) at any time.  I suggest that you begin at my home page (  There you will find links to the pages for Psych3K and DevPsych3K, other courses I teach and have developed pages for, MegaPsych ( and psych wURLd (, and a variety of other pages I have created over the years.  You might find my "rules" page ( of interest.