Who am I?    My name is John Nichols.                                    

I joined the faculty of Tulsa Junior College in TJC's second year of operation in 1971.  I have taught psychology at Tulsa Junior College, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for the past 26 years.  More recently, I began teaching three (soon to be four) computer science courses.

In 1995, because of my interest in the Internet and TCC's (then TJC's) interest in introducing students to the Internet, I helped develop and began teaching a Computer Science course called Introduction to the Internet (CSC1161). In the Spring semester of 1996, I developed and began teaching an advanced Internet course called Internet Research (CSC1253).
I developed and began teaching Home Page Construction (CSC2991) in the Summer, 1996 semester.  You can look at some of my HPC pages, if you like.
My next incursion into teaching computer science courses involves a new course, to be first offered Fall, 1997 called Front Page (CSC2993).  Front Page will be an advanced Home Page Construction course which will use Microsoft's FrontPage97 to create web pages and to develop and manage web sites.

My Hobbies and Interests

In addition to teaching psychology courses and Internet courses, I really enjoy science and science fiction.  I also like custom cars, and really good coffee.
If I could get cable TV, my favorite channel would surely be the Discovery Channel.  But, alas, no one will string cable to where I live, so I never get to watch it.
  My very favorite TV program is Babylon5. For the very best B5 information, check out Lurker's page.

But I am also a fan of any space fiction. I also like StarTrek (there are currently 55 web sites), in all it's various incarnations, and Space: Above and Beyond.

Of all the cars I own, this is my favorite:
For a really good cup of coffee, join me.

How to Contact Me

If you would like more information about the courses I teach, you can call me at 595-7134.  You can also email me.    John Nichols

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