To Accompany
(PSY 1113)

Tulsa Community College

These Lecture Guides were developed for the use of students enrolled in my Introduction to Psychology (PSY1113) course at Tulsa Community College.  Because they are intended to serve as topical outlines of my classroom presentations, they are not likely to be of great value to anyone else.  If you find them to be of value, however, feel free to use them in any way you wish. 

My students may find it handy to be able to print out a copy from the web.  Those who are HTML-literate may wish to download the pages and fill in the appropriate information.  This may be neater and easier to do than filling in the information on the version I hand out in class. 

Lecture Guide #1 The Field of Psychology

Lecture Guide #2 Psychological Research

Lecture Guide #3 Physiological Psychology

Lecture Guide #4 Learning Theory

Lecture Guide #5 Memory / Study Techniques

Lecture Guide #6 Intelligence

Lecture Guide #7 Personality Theory & Assessment

Lecture Guide #8 Psychopathology

Lecture Guide #9 Psychotherapies

Lecture Guide #10 Sleep, Dreams & Varieties of Consciousness