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Home Page Construction Resources

HTML RESOURCES Style Guides, Graphics Sources, Information, Software Sources, etc.

Some pages I have created:

Who Did This Thing??   A Little information about me and the CSC courses I teach.
Gevalia Page   Free coffeemaker offer. Example of very simple page.
HPC Day 1   The first page for this course.

Graphics Sources

Andy's Art Attack! One of the premier sources of images.
Caboodles of Clip Art   The name says it all.
Dewdrops Mini Icons   Nearly 2megs of free art, via PCWorld.
Downloaded Images 1   A few images I've used
Graphic Element Samples
Jelane's Free Web Graphics   Very nice collection of artwork, including coordinated "families" of backgrounds and other images.
Netscape Gold Rush Tool Chest   Terrific source of free backgrounds, bullets, icons, etc.
Resources for Creating Web Pages   WEBHEADS outstanding source of information.

Information and Style Guides

HTML Bad Style Page   How NOT to do pages.
Composing Good HTML (Version 2.0.3)
Elements of HTML Style
Fr. Bucko's Home Page Construction Guide
How do they do that with HTML?
Introduction to HTML and URLs
NCSA--A Beginner's Guide to HTML
Spence's HTML Guide
Style Guide for Online Hypertext


DigitalStyle WebSuite Home Page  WebSuite allows you to create custom graphics, or use their's.
DigitalStyle On-line User Guide
DigitalStyle Trial Version Request Form
Directory of /Web/html/hotmetal   You can download a free WYSIWYG editor.
What's So Great About HotDog?  A good shareware editor.  Other nifty shareware, too.


Online free speech: What's it gonna be?  The newest, flashiest free speech image.
USNO Master Clock Time   Check the time, or add a clock to your page.


All-in-One Search Page
AltaVista: Main Page


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