If you really like coffee, I think you will love GEVALIA Kaffe. I have never found a better coffee. And it is not for lack of looking.

GEVALIA has an intoductory offer you cannot beat!

For $10.00 you will receive one pound of their Traditional Roast (either regular, or decaf, or a split order of a half-pound of each), and a very nice 1 to 4 cup automatic drip coffeemaker in your choice of colors (black, white, or green).

They guarantee your satisfaction. If you do not like their coffees, you can cancel your membership and keep the coffeemaker. Since the coffeemaker is a $39.00 value, you are still ahead of the game!

While I cannot guarantee anything, I can certainly vouch for their product. I've been hooked on GEVALIA coffee for years. I particularly like their flavored coffees. My personal favorites are the Cinnamon and the Chocolate Raspberry flavors. They also have some outstanding gourmet blends worth checking out. You will receive information about all their products when you become a member.

Will I benefit by getting you to try GEVALIA's offer? I hope so!! I hope they will give me a free porcelain coffee canister (I'll take any color since I hope to get many free canisters this way) for each person who tries their introductory offer as a result of reading this page and gives my name. At least that is what they give me if I give a friend a coupon. (You will also get the same offer for signing up friends after you become a member.) I am not an employee, nor affiliated with GEVALIA in any way, except as a very satisfied customer.

So please give them the following information about me when you call:

John W. Nichols, 909 S. Boston Ave., Tulsa, OK, 74119. Account # 516266798.

(If I did not honestly believe that this is the best coffee you could get, do you think I would let you know where to find me?)

GEVALIA does have a web page, or you can go lower tech and call them at 1-800-GEVALIA (1-800-438-2542) anytime.

And, don't forget to tell them who sent you.

If you decide to try Gevalia's offer, please drop me a note so I can keep count of how many canisters Gevalia "owes" me.

The European Coffeehouse Collection is another good Coffee Club.  No flavored coffees here, and again it is not cheap coffee, but if you like traditional roasts you will like these.  Call 1-800-438-2542.

Disclamer: I am not responsible for any bankruptcies the might result from your falling in love with the products discribed herewithin!

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