Example and Hints

Psych3k Chapter 10, Assignment 1


No example is provided.


The purpose of this assignment is to allow you to demonstrate your understanding of the modern concept of intelligence and the measurement of intelligence, using appropriate terminology.   Obviously, the major tests of intelligence are not accessible to people except under controlled circumstances.  The tests at the Barbarian site, in some cases, are reasonable approximations of what you would find in some of the major tests of intelligence.  In other cases, there is little correspondence.

In your report:

Define intelligence.
Identify the specific test you took, and provide an active link to that test.
Compare the test items in that test with the kinds of things that should be included in tests of intelligence that would correspond to the types of intelligence described by Thurstone, Gardner, and Sternberg.
Try to find, and discuss, any information that indicates anything about the validity and reliability (Review Chapter 1, pages 54 and 55) of the test you took.  If you cannot find any such information, use your best judgment to determine how that test might fare.
Use "proper" terminology throughout.