Example and Hints

Psych3k Chapter 3, Assignment 1


No example is provided.


Review the appropriate section of the chapter in Rathus. Explore the web sites, specifically watching for the information that might help you with this assignment, but see what else you can learn.

I expect that this assignment would require approximately the equivalent of one, single-spaced, typed page.  I would expect a paragraph or two on neural transmission within the neuron, and a paragraph or two on neural transmission between neurons.
Describe the major parts of the neuron and what function they perform.
Describe how an impulse travels the length of the neuron.
Describe how the neuron transmits the impulse to another neuron.
Be sure to include in your discussion all the appropriate terms including, for example myelin, neurotransmitters, synapse, nerve, etc.

This assignment will be graded for completeness and accuracy.