Example and Hints

Psych3k Chapter 2, Assignment 3


Franzoi (2002) lists the following ethical guidelines that psychologists are obliged to follow:

In addition, I found these two additional ethical guidelines on APA's Ethics Page:
1.   1.18 Barter (With Patients or Clients).
     "Psychologists ordinarily refrain from accepting goods, services, or other nonmonetary
     remuneration from patients or clients in return for psychological services because such
     arrangements create inherent potential for conflicts, exploitation, and distortion of the professional
     relationship. A psychologist may participate in bartering only if (1) it is not clinically
     contraindicated, and (2) the relationship is not exploitative. (See also Standards 1.17, Multiple
     Relationships, and 1.25, Fees and Financial Arrangements.)" (1.18 Barter (With Patients or Clients))

2.  As an ethical teacher of psychology, I am not allowed to teach specialized techniques or procedures to you if you have not had the proper preparatory training or have no real need to know about them.  I am also required to determine that you have developed at least a minimum level of skill in those techniques or procedures before I turn you loose on the world.  (http://www.apa.org/ethics/code.html#6.04)

(Include the full citation, in the proper format, for APA's Ethics Page.  This is where it goes.)

(Include the full citation, in the proper format, for the textbook.  This is where it goes.)


Review the chapter in Franzoi to determine what ethical guidelines he mentions.

List them.

Take a look at the APA Ethics page.  Examine the range of ethical issues that are covered.  You may not use any example I have used.

List two that Franzoi does not mention.  You may copy and paste, as I did with the first one, but be sure to use quotation marks and reference the precise location of the information, otherwise you will be guilty of plagiarism.  The easy way to reference the precise location is to use the "target links" at the top of the APA Ethics page.  Use the URL that appears in the "location" box when you click on the links you use. You could, alternatively, write them in your own words, as I did with the second one just make sure you do not alter the ideas.  You must still reference the precise location of the information.

Cite the site.  In addition to the links within the body of the assignment that take the reader directly to the specific ethical requirements you are showing, be sure to include the full citation, in the proper format, for APA's Ethics Page at the end of the assignment.  Don't forget that you used information from the textbook for part of this assignment, so be sure you also provide a reference for the textbook. If you do not, you will have committed plagiarism.

Failure to provide proper references will always lead to rejection of the assignment and, possibly, loss of credit.  Go back and review the MegaPsych Article Writing Psychology Reports and the E&H page for the "Psychology on Meaningful Dates" assignment if you are in doubt about what constitutes the proper format.

The proper APA-style reference for this page would be:

Nichols, J. W. (2002, October 22). Example and Hints for Psych3K -- Chapter 1, Assignment 6.  Retrieved October 28, 2002 from the World Wide Web: http://www.tulsa.oklahoma.net/~jnichols/E&H2_3.html