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Perspectives in Psychology


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Franzoi discusses seven theoretical perspectives in psychology: psychoanalytic, learning, humanistic, cognitive, neuroscience, evolutionary, and sociocultural.  To which perspective(s) do you subscribe?  Why?  Which perspective(s) do you reject?  Why?

I have not yet created a "perspectives" bookmark page, however, you can do a search for appropriate web sites and use information you glean from those pages that you find.  Investigate two of the perspectives Franzoi discusses.  Of course, one of them should be the one to which you subscribe and the other should be the one which you reject.

The purpose of this assignment is to provide you an opportunity to examine your own orientations and biases, and to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the major theoretical perspectives in developmental psychology.

First, describe the basic orientation and basic premises of each perspective (according to Franzoi).

Then, identify any perspective(s) to which you subscribe.  Explain why.  Identify any perspective(s) you reject.  Explain why.

Finally, summarize the information you gained at any web sites you have visited.  Be sure that you properly cite the source.

Do not forget to provide a proper reference for the Franzoi textbook in addition to the Web sources you use, or you will have committed plagiarism.  Failure to reference properly will always lead to rejection of the assignment and, possibly, loss of credit.