Example and Hints

Psych3k Chapter 1, Assignment 3


A Day in the Life of a TCC Psychologist
Monday January 19, 1998
8:00  Arrived at the office, made pot of coffee, checked voice mail, called two colleagues to set up a meeting, checked snailmail.  Discovered that I may have already won the Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes, ordered new Ferrari.
8:30  Checked email.  Read 143 messages from TIPS, responded to 48 of them.
10:00 Taught Intro class.
11:00 Began creating new page for Psych3K.
12:00 Lunch at Ike's Chili with friends to celebrate good news about sweepstakes.  Picked up tab.
1:30  Made fresh pot of coffee, returned to work on page.
3:00  Completed Psych3K page.  Discovered cure for Schizophrenia.
3:15  Sent email to Psych3K students, notifying them that the new page was in place.
3:30  Nap.
4:00  Surfing web, looking for interesting new psych sites.
5:00  Turned off coffee pot, computer and lights.  Headed home to rest.

The purpose of this assignment is to provide you an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of what psychologists actually do and to stimulate you to think about what your typical workday might be like if you decided to enter a particular specialty area in the field of psychology.


Base your description on what Franzoi has to say about the work of psychologists in that field and on whatever you know about that field from whatever source.  You may find the APA pamphlet  Psychology: Scientific Problem Solvers: Careers for the 21st Century helpful since it provides more information about the subfields of psychology than does the textbook.  Be sure that the range of your day's activities accurately reflects the activities characteristic of someone working in that specialty field of psychology.

Perhaps you know someone who actually works in that field, who can tell you about their work.  Perhaps an I/O or educational psychologist, for example.

Be creative, but give as accurate a view as possible.  Do not let my use of facetious entries misguide you.

If you are using information from your textbook to complete this assignment, a citation for the textbook is appropriate and required.  If the information comes from a web site or other source, a citation for that source is appropriate and required.  See MegaPsych Article Writing Psychology Reports for the proper format.

The proper APA-style reference for this page would be:

Nichols, J. W. (2002, February 10). Example and Hints for Psych3K -- Chapter 1, Assignment 3.  Retrieved February 20, 2002 from the World Wide Web: http://www.tulsa.oklahoma.net/~jnichols/E&H1_3.html