Online Course Orientation
Developmental Psychology (PSY2023)
Second 8-week Session

Revised February 28, 2005

NOTE: This online orientation may be expanded prior to the beginning of the semester, and is subject to change for the forseeable future.

Welcome to DevPsych3K (Developmental Psychology for the Third Thousand Years), the second 8-week section.

You must start the communication process.  Send me an email message telling me that you have enrolled in this course.  This message, and all others related to this course, must be sent to the class email address shown on the syllabus with a backup copy CC'd to  Use the Subject line: 1st Contact (today's date).

There are several other tasks that you must accomplish in order to get a proper start in this course.  Use the "Course Checklist" page to make sure you have completed the most critical steps.

Several of the pages for this class that present important information contain instructions to email me that you have read that page.  In the past, I have blindly trusted students to read that material.  That appears to have been a mistake, so I am now requiring that you specifically notify me.  Be sure to use the Subject line provided so that I can easily sort those messages.  I will not normally reply to those messages.

First,  carefully read the syllabus find out how this course is set up and what this course requires of you.  You can access it from my home page.  Scroll down to DevPsych3K (8-week), and click on the "Syllabus" link.  Study the syllabus as if that information were going to be on the exam.  Your success in this course is dependent upon your understanding that information.

Use the "DevPsych Psytes" page for this class to examine all of the pages that have been developed for this course.  Pay particular attention to the "Rules" page.  Initially, in particular, note the section on email addresses.  Get, and for this course at least, use a proper email address.  Begin using it immediately.  I have adopted a "zero-tolerance" policy on email addresses that do not match the names on my class roll subscription to the class discussion group will be denied, assignments will not be accepted, etc.

Realize that while I believe that any student who wants to successfully complete this course can do so, I also believe that you will find this to be a time-consuming task.  Expect to spend at least as much time on this course as you would in an on-campus course.  I would estimate that the typical student desiring an "A" or "B" in the 8-week class will need to plan on devoting as much as 16 to 20 hours each and every week to reading, writing and studying for this course.  If you do not have that kind of time to devote to the class, you should probably reconsider your enrollment.  (However, you should note that this course, like any other college course, taken any other way, from any other instructor, will probably require about the same investment of time.)  You may also find it useful to visit the Study Skills Bookmarks page and see what you can find that might maximize the chances of your success both in this course and college in general.

While work, family, and other life obligations are real, they are irrelevant to the time necessary to successfully complete a course of college study.  From page 52 of the TCC College Catalog (2004-2005):

"Students who are employed while being enrolled are encouraged to use the following guide to course load during any academic semester or term: 
Work 40 hours per week, carry 3 to 6 semester hours; 
work 30 hours per week, carry 6 to 9 semester hours; 
work 20 hours per week, carry 9 to 12 semester hours; 
work 15 hours per week, carry 12 to 15 semester hours." 

Note that while the Catalog does not make it specific, the recommended semester hours numbers are maximum numbers, and probably should only be attempted by students who's other obligations are minimal.  Note too, that these numbers are for full, 16-week semesters rather than Summer, 8-week, or Inter-session course loads.

Send an email message indicating that you have carefully read and understand everything covered by the online orientation as of this date.  Use the Subject line: Online Course Orientation (today's date).

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