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DevPsych3k Unit VIII, Epilogue, Assignment 1


OnLine: Visit some of the sites on the psychwURLd Developmental Psychology bookmarks page that appear
to be relevant to the end of life.
Assignment 1:  Consider your values, beliefs, and attitudes about your own death, and the degree of medical
intervention you would desire for yourself should you be dying.  Go to the Caring Connections (formerly known as Partnership for Caring) site.   Construct a living will that suits your desires and select a health care proxy.  Describe and explain your choices.  Email that information to Nichols.
Subject Line: Advance Directives


No example is given.


Note:  For this assignment you will need to download documents that are in .pdf ( Portable Document File) format.  Most computers come with the Adobe Acrobat Reader already installed.  If you do not already have it, or if you would like to get the latest version, click the Adobe button below.  The latest versions of Adobe Reader allow you to fill in information in any .pdf documents you download and store them electronically, so an update  might be worth considering if your's is an older version.

Almost everyone knows of the "Living Will", but most do not realize that there is more to insuring that your wishes are observed than just having a living will.  Get the complete "story" at the Caring Connections (formerly known as Partnership for Caring) site.  Click on the Click here for Advance Directives button, and download and print out the advance directives package.

If you wish to be an organ donor, you can add an extra layer of insurance that your wishes will be respected by carrying an organ donor card.  One way to get a card is to visit OrganDonor.gov.  You can call an 800 number and ask that a card be sent to you, or you can download a facsimile card in PDF format and print it out yourself.  To print a Organ/Tissue Donor Card in standard business card size, click on the  'Actual Size' icon in Adobe, then click on the Print icon. (You may also have to set your printer to "Print actual size" or "Print as image" in order to print the business card size.)

Do not send your advance directives package to me.  Simply describe your choices briefly and explain why you made those choices.

Do not commit plagiarism or steal the work of these nice folks you provide these resources.  Credit where credit is due!!