Example and Hints

DevPsych3k Unit II, Chapter 5, Assignment 1


No example is given.


Note that this assignment is the same as some future assignments.  The only difference is that I want you to summarize the cognitive development at different stages of development.  When you finish, you should be able to combine all of these related assignments into one large "term paper" on cognitive development over the lifespan.  (Another way of looking at it is that you are writing a large "term paper" in little blocks which are due at about one week intervals.  I suggest that you think of it this way, and plan and write your assignments accordingly.)

Piaget is one of the principle developmental psychologists who has investigated cognitive development over the long run.  Vygotsky and others have looked at if from a narrower perspective.  Do not forget to include them as appropriate.

A subsection devoted to language development would be appropriate.

Identify the range of ages associated with this stage.
What stage(s) of cognitive development does Piaget associate with this period of life?
What can the child do now that he or she could not do before?
How do we know what the child can do?  (What, if any, special methodological procedures do we employ to find out?)

Be sure to use, and define or illustrate, the proper terms used by developmental psychologists.

I would expect this assignment to be at least a page or two in length. (A lot is still going on.)

Provide proper references.