Example and Hints

DevPsych3k Chapter 4, Assignment 1


Even before there is a conceptus (definition) there are the gametes, the ______ and the _______.  Once the _______ and _________ have joined, the resulting conceptus goes through a remarkable sequence of developmental events that eventually result in the birth of the neonate.

(Description of the sequence.)

Terms related to the development of the Conceptus (this listing is just to get you started):
oocyte (define it)
zygote (define it, and identify the time frame)
blastomere (define it)
morula (define it)
embryo (define it, and identify the time frame)
fetus (define it, and identify the time frame)
newborn -  a human child, ready to take on the world.


Mouse Works (1998)  The Visible Embryo.  Retrieved August 8, 2002 from the World Wide Web: http://www.visembryo.com/baby/index.html

University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine (1997)  Basic Embryology Review Program.  Retrieved August 8, 2002 from the World Wide Web:  http://www.med.upenn.edu/meded/public/berp/


The purpose of this assignment is to provide you an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of prenatal development.  Use your best judgment about how far to go in demonstrating your knowledge, but show me that you know, or have learned, the proper terminology.  I do not expect a 10 page term paper keep it reasonably short and focused.  Use a narrative format to describe the development of the conceptus, but be sure to bring in the terms and periods (with definitions) sequentially.  In adition to the narative description, list the key terms and definitions.

Don't forget to reference the source(s) of the information, otherwise you will have committed plagiarism.  The example above assumes that all information came from two sources.  If your information comes from more than one site, provide a reference for each source and indicate where each piece of information came.

 The Visible Embryo and the First 9 Months - A multimedia journey ... are graphics-intensive and can require some time to download, but are worth the wait.  The Basic Embryology Review Program is faster loading and might be of greater value as a review, but there is still a lot of information there.  All three sites are very creatively designed, and highly interactive.  Take the time to explore the pages, or you will miss some pretty neat things.

Note that the First 9 Months - A multimedia journey ... is not really an education-oriented site.  It does, however, provide a nice experiential, personal look at the process of prenatal development.