Example and Hints

DevPsych3k Unit V, Chapter 14, Assignment 1


No example is given.


Note that this assignment is the same as some earlier assignments and some future assignments.  The only difference is that I want you to select different disorders, and make sure that they are disorders likely to appear in, or become a particular problem during, this age period.

You are really getting to be recognized as a local expert.  They have called again.  You have been asked to come back and give a brief (about 10 minutes) presentation on a couple of the disorders that might affect the development of Adolescents.

Briefly describe the disorder, how common it is, how it can affect the adolescent's development, how it can be treated, etc., but remember that your presentation cannot last longer than 10 minutes, so keep it short and to-the-point.

Be sure to select two disorders that are likely to show up during the adolescent years not something that is likely to have appeared earlier, nor not likely to appear until later.

Forget to provide a proper reference for the source of your information and you will suffer a horrible fate.