Assignments Checklist

(Suggestion:  Print this checklist and check off each step, at least for the first few assignments, until you get into the habit of doing what you need to do.)

Check the "Assignments" page, select the assignment you are going to do, and see what is called for.
Learn the material you will need to complete the assignment.  Read the assigned material and visit the assigned sites.
Read the Example and Hints (E&H) page noting the specific things that you will be expected to address in the assignment. 
Complete the assignment per the E&H instructions.
Proofread your work.  (It is advisable to do this several hours to a few days after doing the work.)  Correct any deficiencies or errors.
Proof your work again.  This time, specifically check it against the E&H page.  Be sure you have included all aspects of the assignment that were specified.  Also, be sure that you are entering the specified name of the assignment in the "Subject:" line.
Check your reference(s) for correct form and accuracy.  Be sure to check the link to any web page you are referencing and make sure the link works and takes the reader directly to the correct page.   References are always required.  Information taken from the textbook requires that the reference for the textbook be included.  Information taken from a web page requires that the reference for that web page be included.  Information taken from any other source requires that the reference for that source be included.  Read the MegaPsych Article Writing Psychology Reports for how to properly reference web pages and the textbook.  Failure to include a proper reference will always result in the assignment being rejected.
Send the assignment to the proper addresses (including the CC address.)

The proper APA-style reference for this page would be:

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